Economic crisis means budgeting for some students

By Missy Smith

Most people are cutting back on spending, just struggling to get by this holiday season. The economic crisis has had varying impact on student spending this year, with some students not feeling the pinch while others have changed their spending habits.

Amy Pudlo, senior in Business, said her going out and leisure activities have not really changed much since the economy started slipping earlier this year.

“I mean, my dad obviously is always talking to me about being careful about my spending habits,” Pudlo said. “But when I go out, I don’t really spend that much money, so it really hasn’t affected me much.”

One thing that has changed for Pudlo is that she said she has noticeably stopped eating out as often because it’s much more cost efficient to make food.

“My roommates and I used to go out to breakfast a lot,” Pudlo said. “Now, instead of doing that, we will just make it here together.”

Similarly, Cheryl Varghese, senior in LAS, said she has not really felt the economic crisis very much.

“I mean, I watch my money more any way that I can,” Varghese said. “I think it is better for me because I don’t spend so much time and money doing other stuff. Other than that, I don’t think it necessarily affects my studies very much.”

Varghese said she does not go out as much, but it has not really had an impact on her life.

Yet, there are students on campus who have not been as lucky as Varghese and Pudlo and have been significantly impacted by the state of the economy.

Elliott Sang, senior in LAS, said his daily routine has changed since the economy has taken a hit.

“It has affected me in a lot of ways,” Sang said. “From everyday spending, I definitely don’t eat out as much and I have been cooking in my apartment everyday. I haven’t been going out as much to bars as often, and other ways too.”

Sang said he has also pulled back some of his investments and has not done some things he would have liked to.

“Up until recently, gas was a huge thing,” Sang said. “I couldn’t go and travel as much as I wanted to because things were more expensive.”

Sang said the economy will continue to affect him in the future, especially with the freelance computer fixing and business consulting work he does.

“The demand for the work is still about the same,” Sang said. “But people are more reluctant to put money out there for these types of services … the state of the economy has an impact on my success.”