Harry Styles’ creative music video doesn’t disappoint


Photo courtesy of Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images/TNS

Harry Styles performs on NBC’s “Today” at Rockefeller Plaza on May 19. The artist recently released a music video for his song, “Music for a Sushi Restaurant,” on Thursday.

By Odeth Rubio, Staff Writer

Currently No. 3 in trending for music on Youtube, the new “Music for a Sushi Restaurant” music video starts off with an extremely confusing but intriguing scene. A man is seen staring at a crab and quickly calls a restaurant, where someone is sent off in a white van heading to the caller. 

However, as more people gather around, it is revealed that the man is staring directly towards the artist, Harry Styles, who is sporting a long beard and what appears to be a mermaid tail. He is quickly transported into a white van and taken to a sushi restaurant, where chefs are cooking all around him. 

Styles, lying on the counter, is distraught, seeing how the cooks are frying seafood. The artist then starts to sing, and the mood instantly shifts as cooks go from cooking to becoming his personal assistants. He is quickly transformed into his signature look, with a black boa and pearls strung around his neck. 

The cooks do everything to keep Styles satisfied, like throw confetti at him and wash his mermaid tail. The sign of the business is then shown to be “Gill’s Lounge Live Show” with a drawing of Styles and music notes around him. Styles is then seen preparing for his live show, getting upset with the cooks despite their efforts to attend to him. 

At his “live show” the place is crowded and he has the whole audience’s attention while performing. When someone inquires about touching his tail, he quickly responds by swatting them away. While performing Styles chokes up and cannot seem to continue singing as his voice is gone. His mermaid tail is then cut up and made into sushi. 

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    The music video ends by showing viewers the business sign again, but this time it says “Gill’s Sushi.” The drawing that was once Styles as a mermaid is now Styles with his mermaid tail cut up, chopsticks placed in between the sushi. 

    The music video is a lot to take in, confusing in the beginning with its fast pace, the video may need to be rewatched multiple times to fully process and understand all the scenes. Despite being initially confusing, the music video depicts how Styles stays true to himself through his art and productions. 

    It was amusing to see how Styles is shown as a pop artist with his typical fashion and personality characteristics, such as the boa, pearls around his neck, rings on his hand and a crown on his head. Having a mermaid tail would seem to be the only difference between mermaid Styles and everyday Styles. 

    Many believe the music video serves as social commentary about how the music industry treats artists, or rather artists who make a mistake. The sequence and format of the video contribute to the ending and shift in tone, portraying how the entertainment industry tears performs down after a single mishap.

    Because of his established presence in the music industry, the work that Styles releases, whatever it may be, quickly catches the attention of the audience and brings many thoughts and questions. After this intriguing video for his song “Music for a Sushi Restaurant,” many fans cannot wait to see what other music videos Styles will release for his most recent album “Harry’s House,” released May of 2022.


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