Myke Towers, Daddy Yankee gift collaboration in new tune

Daddy Yankee and Myke Towers release their latest single “Ulala” on Nov. 24. 

Photo courtesy of Genius

Daddy Yankee and Myke Towers release their latest single “Ulala” on Nov. 24. 

By Odeth Rubio, Assistant buzz Editor

Daddy Yankee’s fairly recent announcement of retirement did not deter him from collaborating with Myke Towers in their recent single “Ulala” released on Nov. 24. 

The new single has 3.3 million views on Youtube just nine days after of the music video’s release. 

Myke Towers, Puerto Rican singer, rapper and songwriter, who’s real name is Michael Torres, has been a great force in not only the Latino market but everywhere, with singles and features rising across charts and appearing in numerous festivals across the world. 

Towers has collaborated with various widely regarded artists, including Bad Bunny, Farruko, Arcangel, Sech, Karol G and Sebastian Yatra. 

Towers sings about numerous things in his songs, such as love, heartbreak and desire while also addressing social issues through his music. Towers’ range is quite grand, and his new single shows just that after doing mostly “trap” or “rap” songs this year. 

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    His recent single, “Ulala,” comes as no surprise with his record of singles becoming staples and fan favorites. This is not the first time the duo has collaborated. They also did for Yankee’s last album ever, due to his retirement, “Legendaddy,” creating a song titled “Pasatiempo.” 

    The song is set apart from Towers’ recent releases, as it drifts away from his full time rap to a mixture of rap and singing. Yankee, who drops his verses as he usually does with his fast rapping, contributes to the song by also singing numerous times within the tune. Yankee’s collaboration brings a timeless classic feel to the music and provides a lot of nostalgia, as a characteristic and ageless contribution. 

    The song opens up with an intriguing melody sung in the intro, drawing the listener in and quickly asserting the flow of the song. Towers’ opening line addresses the understanding that one has knowing time is limited, specifically with a significant other. 

    “Siempre tengo en mente que todo acaba/ yo no me canso de esperarte/ desde que le hable y la mire a la cara supe que no sería fácil superarte,” Towers sings, beginning the song. 

    In this verse Towers says he knows in his mind everything ends, but he does not get tired of waiting for that one person. Then he says, from the moment they spoke and he looked at their face he knew it would not be easy to get over them. 

    “Ulala” talks about the need to get over someone you once loved despite struggling to do so. The song particularly talks about how this is impossible as well as how one can be unsure how long it will take to get over lost love. He continues, adding that there is no one like them and what sets them apart is their dancing skills and their connection they had. 

    Yankee’s line brings something more to the song as he talks about how they can still be together, regardless of what has happened between them and what others may say. 

    “Mira que raro nos miran, baby/ Si somo’ un problema que griten “mayday”/ Por mas que hablen baba, la tenemo’ clara/ No le hagamo’ caso a los haters” Yankee sings.

    In this verse, Yankee uses a lot of Spanglish and describes how people stare at him and his “baby” weirdly, suggesting that if others think they are a problem they should scream “Mayday,”

    a popular phrase intended to signal distress. Yankee adds that the longer others gossip the more clear the relationship with the singer’s significant other is, adding that they’ll continue to ignore the “haters.”

    The song’s title “Ulala” and this repeated line in a way describes the singer’s astonishment for this person. This is commonly reflected throughout the song, repeated by both Towers and Yankee. 

    “Ulala” stands out with its lively rhythm that makes people want to dance, particularly as a result of the “ulala” hook that sticks with the listener. 

    Towers is set to release an album early next year and fans are eager, asking for a tour in his comments on Instagram and Youtube in the hope this will lead to just that. 

    The three mins and 13 seconds runtime of the tune is simply not enough for this collaboration and it leaves the listeners wishing it was longer. 


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