The Weeknd releases new music video, new television show


Photo courtesy of Genius

On Jan. 7, The Weeknd released a music video for his song “Is There Someone Else?” exactly one year after the song’s original release.

By Odeth Rubio, Assistant buzz Editor

The Weeknd, also known as Abel Tesfaye, released the music video for the song “Is There Someone Else?” on Jan. 7 despite the song’s release exactly a year prior in the album “DAWN FM.” The music video was pleasantly received by his fans and is currently trending at number four for music on YouTube, amassing around four million views since its release. 

The release of the music video is The Weeknd’s way of opening the new year and celebrating the one-year anniversary of his latest album. 

The music video begins with The Weeknd entering what appears to be a city apartment and being led by a woman who is pulling him in. The background is clearly a city, as there are skyscrapers and bright city lights seen through the window of the apartment.  

However, we quickly see that someone is watching them through binoculars, and it is revealed it is the person who put a mask on at the beginning of the song. The man is focused on following the woman with his binoculars, but the woman knows he is doing this and waves at him to acknowledge his presence, to which the man nods. 

The video then shifts to show what appears to be a flashback of the man with the mask taking pictures of the woman while she is posing and modeling. But then it quickly pans to show them all individually dancing in circles, which seems to symbolize how they are all caught in a mess together. 

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    When the man in the mask realizes The Weeknd is leaving, he looks for the woman. She then motions for him to come to what appears to be her apartment. However, when he gets to the apartment, the only thing there are his binoculars. He looks into them, and everything blurs out. 

    The ending of the music video leads the viewer to believe everything was in the head of the man and he was imagining the whole encounter. 

    The song’s title “Is There Someone Else?” serves to describe the scenario in the music video where The Weeknd had a relationship with a woman but was overwhelmed with jealousy and worry that the thought of someone else made him ruin the relationship. And now, all that is left are the memories of the other person. 

    The music video is in sync with the regular and typical aesthetics of The Weeknd, as the colors in the music video are dark and gloomy, which is how The Weeknd typically portrays his music videos. Despite this pattern and familiarity, the music video was still intriguing, as it had an interesting concept and story. 

    Fans are currently waiting for the release of new music from The Weeknd and more projects in the works announced by him. He is also set to release the HBO Max show he created called “The Idol,” which stars him and various other well-known names, including Lily-Rose Depp, Jennie Kim, Troye Sivan and Suzanna Son. Regardless of what he works on — film, TV or music — fans are anxious to show support to their loved artist.


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