‘The Holiday’ is a delightful holiday romantic comedy 

By Olivia Rosenberg, Assistant buzz Editor

A romantic comedy with Jack Black as one of the title love interests is definitely out of the ordinary, but it makes for one of the best in the genre. Written by a romance legend, Nancy Meyers,“The Holiday” should be considered a classic during the winter season as it encompasses the joy and love of the holidays. Between its emphasis on romance, friendship and family, you can’t help but have a big grin on your face when the credits roll. 

“The Holiday” features the lives of Iris Simpkins (Kate Winslet) and Amanda Woods (Cameron Diaz) and their desires to escape their everyday lives. Using a home swap website, the two women decide to trade houses for the holiday season.

Traveling to Amanda’s mansion in Los Angeles, Iris’ vacation is accompanied by a neighbor and former screenwriter Arthur (Eli Wallach) and charming composer Miles (Jack Black).

Meanwhile, over in England, Amanda meets Iris’ brother, Graham (Jude Law), and the two have instant sparks. The film bounces back and forth between each side of the globe as each woman discovers both themselves and love. 

Though the plot follows a common rom-com formula with predictable emotional beats, this film oozes with charm that makes it hard to dislike. It’s almost two and a half hour run time may turn viewers away, but for the viewers that never want to escape a dreamy, romantic wonderland, it’s the perfect watch. 

The performances from the four leads takes the film to another level with well-rounded, likeable characters being shaped by the core actors. Winslet and Diaz’s energies oppose each other in a refreshing and complimentary way that makes each storyline feel like a breath of fresh air. Law sets himself as the biggest heartthrob that comes with delightful surprises as the story continues. 

Black, however, is the secret ingredient that makes the story work so well. Meyers revealed she wrote the part for Miles specifically with Black in mind after watching him in “School of Rock.”

Despite not being in a romantic role before, Black stepped into the role with the perfect amount of humor and charm. Winslet has even said in a Hollywood.com interview that “it was not difficult to fall in love with Jack Black at all.”

Both locations, Los Angeles and England, become dream vacation spots for anyone who tunes in. From the cozy cottage in the snowy fields of Surrey to the glamorous manor in Hollywood, it’s hard to decide which you’d rather stay in for the holiday season. 

Hans Zimmer’s score is a delight with whimsical beats and heart-plucking melodies. Incorporated into the plot at times, the music adds an element of nostalgia and familiarity to the film that rounds it out. 

Even the ambience the film creates has a warmth to it that makes it one of the most cozy rom-coms to watch during the holiday season. The coloring of the film has golden tones that encompass all the romantic feels. The whole environment of the film wraps its audience up in a warm, toasty blanket. 

The film’s name makes it clear it is the holiday flick to turn on for all the classic rom-com vibes. Its stereotypical story is enhanced by delightful leads and supporting casts as well as detailed and nuanced mise-en-scene elements. Meyer’s 2006 “The Holiday” holds up to the test of time and continues to age like fine wine. 

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