WPGU & buzz’s Unofficial playlist

By Jessica Peterson

It’s the night (or morning) of Unofficial and you’re getting ready to throw a party for the books. You might’ve had a midterm the night before or just got out of your 8 a.m., but you’re hosting and went all-out on the decorations and drinks and you know it’s going to be a banger. It’s 15 minutes til, all your friends are skipping class to swing by and the mimosas are ready to go. But you forgot one crucial thing: a bangin’ rap playlist.

Thankfully, there’s no need to worry — your friends at buzz & WPGU put together exactly that. Featuring slappers from all the way back in 2009 to the newest drops of 2018, it’s sure to have tunes that anyone can vibe to. With a nice mix of bangers and chill songs, this bad boy sets a great mood for a pregame, banger or anything in between. And on a day like Unofficial, playlists like these are a necessity.