Create and wear these cheap DIY costumes this Halloween

By Shelbi Voss, buzz writer

With Halloween coming up soon, you may be struggling to decide who or what you want to be. Look no further for fun costumes that you can easily make yourself without breaking your wallet.

1. M&M’s

M&M’s are similar to the “Alvin and the Chipmunks” costume;  You can even reuse the shirts from one year to the next. Being an M&M works for a single person or in a group, and you can choose from red, blue, yellow, green or brown shirts to make your costume. You will need white paint, an iron-on or duct tape to put the letter ‘M’ on the shirt. Wear any comfortable shoes and be sure to take cute pictures all night.

2. Identity Thief

The identity thief is the perfect costume for anyone who wants to put in a small amount of effort while still being in the spirit of Halloween. All you will need is a plain black or white t-shirt, a sharpie and sticker name tags. Fill out the name tags with various names, and stick them all over your shirt in any random order. Make it more fun by adding the names of all of your friends. Pair the shirt with some jeans and any comfortable shoe, and you will be all set.

3. Emojis

Emoji costumes are good for one or two people, depending on which character you choose. For a single-person costume, you can choose to be the dancing woman. All you will need is a red dress and a red pair of shoes, whether you choose a saucy pair of heels or a comfortable pair of red flats. Let your hair down and enjoy your night on the dance floor. For duo emoji costumes, grab a friend and a pair of matching black leotards and black cat ears to be the dancing twins. Find a pair of matching black shoes and strut through the night, arm in arm.

4. Piñata

The piñata costume is for those who want to go the extra mile. You will need a nude, gray, black or white dress or leotard, crepe paper, a hot glue gun and scissors. The paper should be blue, pink, yellow and purple. If you do not have crepe paper available, any rolls of left-over streamers you may have will work in its place. Make the fringe by cutting slits into the paper and laying it on the dress on a single sheet, or by gluing individual pieces to the dress. Do this until the entire dress is covered in color, and let it sit out to dry before you put it on. You can wear a festive party hat to add more flair to your costume.

5. “American Gothic”

If you have a friend or significant other that you want to dress up with, then the American Gothic painting might be the right option for you. To complete the man’s outfit, find a pair of blue overalls, a white undershirt and a black suit jacket or blazer. Add a pair of round, wire-rimmed glasses and a pitchfork to go the extra mile. For the woman, wear a white collared shirt, black long-sleeved shirt and a sleeveless brown dress or apron. Pull your hair back in a bun and try to look as serious as possible when posing for pictures. If you and your partner want to wow the crowd, make a rectangular frame out of cardboard and paint it gold or brown.

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