Andy Mineo encourages music lovers to think ‘Happy Thoughts’

By Raina Kutliroff, buzz staff writer

Hip-hop gets happier with Atlanta based Andy Mineo’s newly released “Happy Thoughts.” Mineo pushes his musical limits by providing listeners with unique, energetic beats attempting to inspire the musical world with his words. Fans of Swoope, Thi’sl, Json and Tedashii will love Mineo’s new EP.

After experiencing several tough losses and challenges in life, Mineo decided to relieve his emotions through music. The EP “Happy Thoughts” sets out to encourage people to recognize the good in life amongst the chaos.

“I’m trying to deliver a brief moment of delight to people so they can see the little world we created,” said Mineo.

“Happy Thoughts,” comprised of seven tracks, highlights Mineo’s own positive thoughts and vibrant life. The album, the latest in Mineo’s career, comes after other musical projects such as his EP full of musical rarities titled “Work in Progress” and a behind-the-scenes podcast of the same name.

Mineo has a rich history of performing and collaborating with other big names such as John Bellion, Fetty Wap, !llmind, Phonte, Marc E. Bassy, and Lecrae. Looking for new means of inspiration, Mineo constantly changes up his sound and musical style, and this EP is no different.

“Shibuya Roll Call” is a great way to start the EP and allows fans to imagine what Mineo’s exciting life is really like through the beats and lyrics of this track. The upbeat and intensity of “Pantera” really entices listeners to keep on listening. “Mangia (Ramen and Rhymin’)” is a more chill vibe that encourages listeners to groove. “Jackson Pollock” was created using Mineo’s own at-home studio during the quarantine period. The title “Jackson Pollock” refers to the famous artist of the same name because Mineo felt the drum beats and patterns were similar to Pollock’s well-known paint splatters and splotches.

Mineo’s creative side can be heard through his music but also seen through his music videos. One of Mineo’s remarkable music videos for the song “Shibuya Roll Call” features Mineo’s life and travels in Japan, shot using only a GoPro.

“I wanted to make something that you had to watch a few times to catch all the cameos and fun facts,” said Mineo.

Mineo’s reflective lyricism allows his audience to really get in the head of Mineo. The combination of intense and catchy drum beats with his true-to-self lyrics make Mineo’s music unique.

“There’s some really dope, thoughtful, cool s*** going on, and people need to be paying attention to it,” said Mineo.