UI announces official CR/NC policy for fall


By Willie Cui, Staff Writer

On Monday, the Office of the Provost announced via Massmail the University’s policies for credit/no credit this semester, following a resolution adopted by the University Senate in an emergency session on Friday.

Under the new policy, students have until Dec. 18 to drop full semester and second-term courses without a grade of “W” and have until Jan. 5 to elect for CR/NC grading in courses.

Students who choose to drop a course can do so via Self-Service “unless the drop puts the student below full-time enrollment status,” said Andreas Cangellaris, Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Provost, in a Massmail.

However, Cangellaris notes that students will not be refunded if for dropped courses “at this point in the semester.”

While the University currently plans to allow students to elect for CR/NC grading, Cangellaris states that students will not be able to do so immediately, as the University is “still working through the implementation details.”

“Rest assured that all students will have an adequate opportunity to make the CR/NC selection, and the window for selection will extend beyond the end of the semester,” Cangellaris said.

If CR/NC is elected for a course, students will receive course credit if their grade is C- or higher, and would count towards major, minor, and general education course requirements. 

Moreover, Cangellaris states that electing for CR/NC grading this term will not count towards the CR/NC minimums listed in the University’s Student Code.

Cangellaris also notes that CR/NC grading will not be available for medical, veterinary, or law students due to the requirements of professional licensing.

Because the University is currently working on the implementation of CR/NC, Cangellaris promises that a more detailed and comprehensive outline of the new policy will be posted to the Office of the Provost’s website at a later date.

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