Battle of the bar burgers

By Elyssa Kaufman, Staff Writer

a6_barburger2Lily Katz

Firehaus: Mac N’ Cheese Burger

What’s on it: Two quarter-pound burgers served with housemade mac n’ cheese, bacon and American cheese on a toasted pretzel bun.

From the manager: “We have a variety of burgers and different styles. As far as the most interesting burger, our Mac N’ Cheese burger would fall in that category. We also have a black bean burger for our vegetarians — we have a turkey burger for people looking for a little more of a healthy option,” Manager Jason Redd said. “The Haus burger is more of a design-your-own burger where you can add toppings such as chili, onion rings, or a fried egg, grilled peppers or pulled pork. We have something that will suit anyone interested in a burger.”

Price: $8.99 (includes potato chips, potato salad or macaroni salad)

Also popular at Firehaus: Royale and Firemen’s burgers

Student perspective: “I got a barbecue bacon cheeseburger at Firehaus. I liked the barbecue sauce they used,” said Erich Fisher, freshman in DGS.

Joe's Spazzle, the most popular burger at the bar.

Joe’s Brewery

Joe’s: The Spazzle

What’s on it: The burger has cheddar cheese, bacon, onion rings, ranch and barbecue sauce.

From the manager: “The Spazzle is the most iconic burger.  Not only is it unique for us — it’s just a different looking burger,” Manager Luke Henry said.

Fun fact: Joe’s sold 9,165 Spazzle burgers last year.  Joe’s has 18 burgers on its menu and sells 1,000 burgers a week.

Price: $9.95 (includes chips, fries or coleslaw)

Student perspectives: “The Spazzle burger at Joe’s for sure my favorite. Every time I go, which is a couple times a month, I get that burger,” said Megan Bordwine, senior in Education.
“I like Joe’s the best because they have the best veggie burgers with the best toppings,” said Arpeet Kamdar, senior in Engineering.

Murphy’s Pub: Mega Bacon Burger

What’s on it: Half-pound patty topped with grilled onions, lettuce, tomato, mayo, grilled bacon and a choice of American, Swiss or pepper jack cheese.

From the manager: “This is our most popular burger,” Manager Adam Johnson said. “(It’s) cooked to medium with a hot-pink center, to keep all the juices in.”

Price: $8.20 (includes side of fries)

Fun fact: New shipments of bread come in every two days to ensure freshness.

Student perspective: “I like Murphy’s burgers because they’re super tasty and they’re college-student affordable. The atmosphere that comes with (Murphy’s) is really enjoyable,” said Bryanna Johnson, junior in ACES.

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