The Daily Illini hosts recruitment night

By JJ Kim, Editor-in-Chief

During my first week as editor in chief, I was relying heavily on past editors, professors and alumni for advice on how to navigate the treacherous waters of running a newspaper. However, before my first week even ended, I was tasked with a decision the past 100 editors did not have to consider: Should we cancel print publication for the rest of the semester? 

The effects of COVID-19 had just hit the state of Illinois hard, and the University moved to fully online instruction. 

The Daily Illini has been around for 150 years and the thought of breaking the streak of producing content for the Champaign-Urbana area was daunting, but in the end, when taking into consideration with the safety of our staff, canceling print publication for the rest of the semester was an easy decision. 

In the seemingly brief three years I’ve worked at The Daily Illini, I have loved every second of it. The experience I’ve gained, the friendships I’ve built and the discipline I’ve developed is something I’ll be able to proudly carry with me forever.

With the fall semester underway, many of our staff members understandably chose to stay at home, but it left a sizable hole in our ability to maximize the things we can do.

This is why I feel this is a perfect opportunity for me to call onto the student population to join The Daily Illini. 

The Daily Illini has a spot for nearly every interest and every field. 

From reporting breaking news, speaking to Lovie Smith, reviewing the latest Harry Styles album and to taking photos and videos around campus to expand your portfolio, you can come to The Daily Illini to polish and hone those skills. 

We have recruitment night on Thursday via Zoom, from 6:30-8 p.m., and don’t feel like you’re limited to one section. Attend the Zoom call to ask section editors specific questions, and there’s no binding commitment to stay at the paper. 

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