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A multitude of fencing swords line the wall at the Point Fencing Club & School in Urbana, Illinois. The club has struggled since the beginning of the pandemic but hopes the summer will bring more members.

Urbana fencing club confronts COVID-19 challenges

By Kayla Mish, Staff Writer April 19, 2021

Every summer, children gather at summer camps to play games, hone their sports skills or learn more about nature. When Liz Feller’s mom told her that she had to attend an athletic summer camp, she wasn’t...

Students trust horoscopes for guidance

Students trust horoscopes for guidance

By Matt Troher, Investigative News and Longform Editor April 12, 2021

Taylor Cianci, sophomore in LAS, is a Virgo; according to her, Virgos are reliable, organized, reserved and just a little bit too critical. Cianci’s interest in astrology sparked at a young age when...

Ben and Molly Oberg pose for a photo with their dog, Sheba. The couple co-owns a small 25-acre fruit and vegetable farm called Meyer Produce in Villa Grove, Illinois.

Couple shares importance of small, local farms

By Vivian La, Assistant Daytime Editor April 5, 2021

Molly Oberg remembered her husband, Ben Oberg, giving her a call from their raspberry patch during their first summer as farm owners. He told her how there were a lot of raspberries and that he needed...

This is the beginning of a new category. Stories coming out soon!

By Chieh Hsu, Managing Editor for Online March 29, 2021

This is the beginning of a new category. Stories coming out soon!

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