Barton Hall employee loves job, cheers students

By Ashley Poynter

Some people would not be thrilled about the idea of picking up after a bunch of college students, but Beth Ewing has a different point of view.

“I get to wear blue jeans. I get to wear T-shirts. I love it,” said Ewing, Barton Residence Hall’s building service worker.

“The only other downfall to this job is no elevator,” the 33-year-old said.

Ewing has been working at the University for more than five years and has been working at Barton for about two years. She said she loves Barton because the girls are “great and just wonderful.” There’s nothing that she doesn’t like about her job, Ewing said.

For someone who has to take out bins full of garbage and clean out bathroom and shower stalls, Ewing has an unusually positive attitude. It is one that has been noticed by and impacted others.

“She’s always in a good mood. You never see her down even though she has to be here really early in the morning. If you’re in a bad mood or something’s bothering you, she always finds something to say that cheers you up,” said Kim Williams, the second floor resident adviser.

Ewing’s positive attitude follows her home, where she said she loves to spend time with her kids, 9-year-old Lexus and 3-year-old Carson. Ewing said she loves to just hang out with her kids at home where they often play on the swing-set in the backyard.

“I wouldn’t be who I am today without my children. I’d probably be more sane,” she added jokingly. “No – my children are my world.”

Another hobby Ewing has is making greeting cards, she said. At one point during the year, she held a Stamp ‘N Up party at her home in Villa Grove where people were able to sample different arts and crafts materials used to make the cards. She extended an invitation to the girls in Barton because she said she thought they might enjoy it.

“I thought it was really cool. It was definitely really nice of her to invite us,” said Jeanette Rudder, sophomore in LAS.

Ewing’s positive attitude endures even during hard times, which was especially true while her husband was in the military, she said. He was activated two weeks after they were married and sent overseas three times.

“I was pretty much on my own, so I would say God was a big factor and then family and friends, too, big time,” Ewing said.

Ewing’s husband has since returned, and she is now focused on her family and her job. Ewing loves her job so much that she plans on sticking around for at least another 10 years, she said.

“I probably will still be here. I like it here. I like my job. I like the girls. I’ve never had a bad experience over here at all – never,” Ewing said.