General eccentric store opens in Urbana

Lauren Perzov, sophomore in LAS, tries on a purse at General Eccentric, a new clothing store at 701 S. Gregory St., Urbana. “I´m very happy with the selection here,” Perzov said. “It´s a good style for college students for going out.” Regina Martinez

By Martha Spalding

With the onset of snow, trendy UGG boots and North Face jackets have taken over the University.

For those females sick of being part of the crowd, a new women’s fashion and accessories store opened in Urbana Nov. 14. Located at Gregory Place, General Eccentric, 701 S. Gregory St., offers unique and funky clothing at Old Navy store prices, according to store manager Ashley Bergman.

At General Eccentric, young women can be a part of the season’s fashions without wearing something that everyone else has.

“Most girls are sick of seeing everyone wearing the same thing on the Quad,” Bergman said. “Our clothing is a little bit more fun and different from other things you would normally see.”

The merchandise constantly changes because the store usually receives new shipments four days a week, Bergman said.

Store employee, Liz Novakowski, freshman in LAS, said General Eccentric receives only six of every item in the store, so quantities are limited. Novakowski said this helps keep the store fresh.

“Once something is gone it’s gone,” she said. “So (General Eccentric) is not like other types of retail stores. It’s pretty much ‘one of a kind.'”

The prices at General Eccentric are reasonable for the quality of clothing in the store. Most shirts are $20 or less with hand stitching and jeans range from $48-52, depending on embellishments.

For Jennifer Ahn, senior is ACES, the prices at General Eccentric are just right. Even though it was her first time in the store, Ahn said all the clothing looked like it was something she could see herself wearing.

“My friend lives in the apartments above here and she told me about the store,” she said. “I walked past once and I really like the clothing.”

Novakowski said the type of clothing at General Eccentric is similar to what is found at Charlotte Russe, but General Eccentric carries a lot of merchandise from the brands Miss Me and Dollhouse.

“A lot of the clothing brands we carry I’ve never even heard of before I started working,” she said. “But we have some different stuff online as well.”

If young women can’t find what they’re looking for in store, they can log onto General Eccentric’s Web site at, where new items are added daily. Some of the merchandise online is found in one of the three stores, but some of the clothing is only available via the Web site, said Novakowski.

General Eccentric is a locally owned store based in Louisville, Ky. with a second location in Lexington, Ky., next to the University of Kentucky’s campus. The owners originally considered building the third location in Ohio instead of Illinois. However, the University was finally chosen for its good location, said Bergman.

The location is slowly proving to be profitable. Bergman said General Eccentric has been doing really well so far, despite fall break. She said right now the store is still trying to get the word out.

One way Bergman hopes to spread the word is through an open house this Friday, Dec. 9 from 5-9 p.m. There will be special store sales and food and beverages will be provided. Also, gift certificates ranging from $20-100 will be given away. The Open House will give people a chance to see what’s in the store.

“We don’t even care if a lot of people buy stuff at this point, we just want to get the word out,” Bergman sad. “We want people to know about this store and what it’s all about.”

Aside from the discounts available during Open House, University students can receive 10 percent off their purchase if they spend $50 or more in-store any time they shop. All students have to do is ask for the discount at the register, said Novakowski.