CRCE Spa Night offers massages, treatments by Rod Sickler Salon

By Missy Smith

What could be better than a luxurious night of massages? How about free massages? Welcome to Spa Night.

The event is happening today at Campus Recreation Center-East, better known as CRCE, from 6:30 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Rod Sickler, a world renowned stylist, is bringing some of his amenities to the students of the University. Although Rod Sickler’s Spa and Salon, 2520 Village Green Place, is located just off campus, he and his trained professionals will be offering hair cuts, eyebrow waxing and massages at CRCE.

Spa Night is being sponsored by the Wellness division of Campus Recreation. It is free for University students and Campus Rec members and $7 for others.

Registration begins at 5:30 p.m., and Sickler and his professionals will try to serve as many students as possible.

Janet Kroencke, assistant director of Wellness, is interested, along with the rest of the Wellness division, in providing students with activities that will promote their health.

“Campus Rec is always looking for ways for students to be well on campus,” she said. “The students give us so much with their service fee, and we try to find ways to give back. Spa Night has been a success in the past because it’s a free, fun, and exciting place to be.”

Sickler compared the atmosphere at his salon to a mullet.

“It’s a party in front and business in back,” he said. “The front is like a nightclub. You have fun and get the best work done possible. In the spa, it is completely soundproof and serious.”

Although CRCE will not be quiet during Spa Night, don’t let that deter any plans.

McKinley Health Center’s Oasis is also bringing something unique to the night. Oasis is showing their guided imagery DVD in the lobby, so students can relax while they wait for free services.

Jen Solley, freshman in LAS, said she thinks it will be a fun, relaxing night.

“I hope I can make it,” she said. “I think it would be a lot of fun. I could use a free massage.”

Even if students do not receive a treatment, it is sure to be a fun place where they can just hang out and have a good time, Kroencke said.

In the past, she said, they have tried to offer something to the students that do not receive a treatment, though it is uncertain if it will be available this time.

If students are still irresolute about attending Spa Night, Kroencke makes a great point at why they should be there.

“There is a DJ, and it is a fun, healthy way to spend your Thursday evening,” she said. “Besides, everything is free.”