Short film festival will feature music videos, detective stories by students

By Phil Collins

Short films showcasing detectives and music videos will be shown tonight at the Courtyard Cafe. The Illini Union Board’s short film festival will start at 8 p.m. and 15 student films will be screened. Tickets are $3.

“We wanted to do the event because we thought there weren’t enough opportunities showcasing student filmmakers,” said Dan Brunner, co-chair of student performing arts on the Illini Union Board.

Brunner, junior in LAS, said they received about 30 submissions and narrowed them down to 15. Most of the films are about five minutes in length.

The submissions will be judged by Professor Richard Leskosky, associate director for Cinema Studies, as well as two other judges. The audience will have a chance to vote after the judges narrow down the submissions, Brunner said.

“I am interested in seeing student filmmaking being encouraged on campus,” Leskosky said.

The top film will win $100, with $50 going to the second place film and $25 to the third place film.

Brunner said some of the submissions came from llini Film and Video, a Registered Student Organization.

“Their participation really helped out because we needed their cooperation to execute the event,” Brunner said. “They are the filmmaking core of the campus.”

Alex Wayman, president of Illini Film and Video and senior in LAS, said he hopes the festival will get a big turnout and provide exposure for student films.

“Films are a hard thing to get the general public at U of I interested in,” he said.

Chris Craine, senior in FAA, submitted two music videos that he and a friend made for Journey songs.

“Making any kind of film, whether it’s one minute short or an hour long, takes so much time,” Craine said. “If you want to make a good quality film, you have to give up weekends.”

Anne Shivers, sophomore in LAS and an Illini Film and Video member, submitted a film about a detective interrogating a magic 8-ball.

“It took a lot of effort, time and planning,” Shivers said. “We have our own festival, but the more opportunities to show art on campus, the better.”