The Daily Illini, bringing you more

By Joseph Lamberson

The Daily Illini is not just a campus newspaper; it’s a student newspaper. When the Board of Trustees retired Chief Illiniwek, we were there. When Barack Obama announced he would seek the presidency, we were there. We cover the news, sports and entertainment that matter to you, whether it’s on campus or not.

As an independent publication run by students, for students, we know what you’re interested in. Because our reporters and editors are in your courses and your organizations, we’re in tune with the pulse of campus. Our print edition is on the stands – free of charge – Monday through Friday, and we’re always around, looking for a great story.

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Through hard work, The Daily Illini has recently stepped into the multimedia age and become more than just a newspaper. Featuring a 24-hour breaking news Web site,, and daily newscasts on WPGU 107.1FM, our staff is always there, ensuring that you know the day’s biggest events as they unfold. In just the last year, we have evolved beyond our 135-year norm by making available news and information in real time that was otherwise old or overlooked in print time. Because of this growth, The Daily Illini is more than just a source for your news needs; it is THE source.

Also, our diverse sports coverage is some of the most extensive around. With our print product delivering in-depth stories and our weekly football insert, Touchdown Times, and our On-air division presenting several Illini-focused shows, any Illini fan can find what he or she is looking for with The Daily Illini.

But we are not just a trickle-down news organization. We care about what you know and think. Through letters to the editor and article commenting online, the reader becomes the writer in a new, organic form of news that allows for a free flow of information. Have a problem with the campus? An opinion on a column? A fun fact about a story? Send it in and contribute to the discussion. Together, we can all help each other to ensure that the news that needs to be heard, gets heard.

Throughout your tenure at the University, you will bear witness to truly groundbreaking occurrences, and we will be there with you, keeping the facts straight. Whether it’s a new building gracing the Champaign skyline, the installation of a new symbol for the University, or a scientific breakthrough that will change the world, we will cover it for you. So pick up a paper, log on to, or tune in to a newscast. What you will find is the news of the day, tailored to your interests, your tastes and your life.