Holiday decorations light up campus



By Missy Smith

It is the holiday season and evidence of that can be seen all around campus. Even though we will be home for Christmas, it does not stop the campus from lighting up in the preceding weeks. Everything from Christmas trees, to stockings, to lights and more have begun to pop up all over campus.

Katie Heun, sophomore in LAS, loves the Christmas season so much that she decked her room out with tons of decorations, at times making it hard to move. Heun and her roommates do not mind though – they enjoy being festive.

“We have two trees, two gingerbread houses, two wreathes, five stockings, garland, lights, Santa hats, Christmas pillows, an Advent calendar and more,” Heun said. “We even fill the stockings everyday with little treats and presents. Christmas time is just so happy, and it makes me happy.”

The sentiment can be felt across campus, whether you are Christian or not.

Alexi Vahlkamp, sophomore in LAS, is Jewish, but that does not stop her from partaking in the different festivities.

“My group of friends is doing a Secret Santa gift exchange,” Vahlkamp said. “I don’t know who has me, and it’s driving me crazy, but I guess that is half the fun.”

The Gutter

Vahlkamp may love Christmas music, but she still partakes in all the Hanukkah festivities.

Even if you are just walking around campus, there are decorations everywhere, from residential houses to the fraternity and sorority houses, everything is decorated.

Still, it’s all in good spirits, and the season cannot help but bring cheer into people’s lives.

Personally, I am indifferent to all the fuss around the holidays. There would be nothing I would rather do than sit by a fire, watching the snow fall, while snuggling up with a good book on Christmas.

Unfortunately, that is not the case in the Smith household.

Rows of motion dolls clutter our bay window, while 10-foot blow-up decorations litter our lawn, hundreds of lights hang from the roof and bells ring out the songs of the season.

I have not seen a house as done up as my house in Chicago on campus, but if anyone can give me a run for my money I encourage him to speak up.

Still, decorations bring cheer to sometimes otherwise drab rooms.

My roommates hung mini-stockings, draped garland and put up window gel clings, and our blue lights, which have always been up, are suddenly trendy again.

My best friend has a tree and lights in her room, but she has been criticized that the lights do not “chase each other” or blink.

Other people have decorated their doors, lit cinnamon candles and attended parties wearing hideous Christmas sweaters – anything they can do to bring the holiday spirit alive on campus.

It is all these little things that give the holidays meaning, rather than the presents you will receive under the tree. Spread the holiday spirit and try not to lose sight of the true meaning of the holidays amidst all of the fuss.

After all, it’s the holiday season!