Urbana metaphysics school teaches students to “bring out their mental potential”

While many people believe diet and exercise are the way to improve one’s health, Jeff Lehmann thinks it takes much more than that. In fact, he believes there are five essentials of a person’s health.

He said these five essentials are thoughts, emotions, breath work and physical movement, diet, and the four elements—air, water, earth and fire.

“I think all these things play a critical role in your health,” Lehmann said. “There’s not just one magic ingredient.”

Lehmann is a student at the School of Metaphysics, 1009 E. Main St. in Urbana, and presented these five essentials of health at a fundraiser he organized on Thursday. Organizing and hosting the fundraiser was a requirement for Lehmann to complete his first cycle of lessons at the school.

The School of Metaphysics, started in 1973, is based in Missouri, and has 15 centers throughout the Midwest.

Dr. Pam Blosser is the director at the center in Urbana.

Blosser received degrees in English and sociology from Texas Christian University, and got her Montessori certification in London in the late 70s. When she returned to the United States, she began studying at the School of Metaphysics, where she said she has found everything she had been looking for in life.

“It is our goal to aid people to bring out their mental potential and just be better people really,” Blosser said.

Students at the school can go through four cycles of lessons, with each cycle taking as long as a person needs, Blosser said. Blosser went through all four cycles in 15 years.

With the completion of each cycle, students earn a degree. The first degree is known as Respondere, Blosser said, and is earned after learning to discipline the conscious mind.

The second degree is Quidosetdiscit. In this cycle, Blosser said students can begin to teach, as well as learn how to access the subconscious and the inner mind.

Blosser said the third degree is the Doctorate of Divinity, in which students have greater access to the Holy works of the world, such as the teachings of the Buddha.

The fourth and final degree is the Doctorate of Metaphysics, Blosser said. In this cycle, students learn to access and understand superconscious energies, which Blosser said is a direct link to the source of the creator and divine energies.

Blosser said after students complete these four cycles and earn these four degrees, they will use what they have learned in everything that they do.

“They are applying the universal laws in their mind to everything that they do,” Blosser said. “The consciousness changes.”

While the study of metaphysics is spiritual in many ways, Blosser said the practice does not interfere with religion, but rather enhances it. She said it does not point to a specific religion, but instead teaches people of all religions to develop a deeper connection with their creator.

This tolerance of all religions and backgrounds is one aspect of metaphysics that interested Coy Wentworth, 19 of Urbana, in the school.

“It doesn’t tell you to believe anything, it helps you unlock what you want to believe,” Wentworth said. “It helps you find who you are.”

He said since joining the school a few months ago, his concentration and attention capabilities have improved, and he has begun to unlock his inner potential.

“Anything that you want to do, you can do and this class helps you realize that,” Wentworth said.