Enliven your workouts from the living room

Sometimes, you just have one of those days. Maybe it’s pouring rain and you don’t want to leave your apartment/dorm, OR you might simply feel too lazy to hit the gym. For those mornings when leaving the comfort of your home seems like an impossible task, there are plenty of ways to get a successful workout at home. If you ever doubted that it was possible to a good workout without a treadmill or the other equipment the gym has to offer, then you were mistaken.

“Working out at home is super convenient, flexible (and) can be just as effective as going to the gym, if not more effective,” said Sarah Vorreiter, freshman in LAS. “You save time by not having to walk to the gym and you can exercise for exactly how long you have. People would be surprised how effective even just a 20 minute workout can be.”

Vorreiter is the leader of the Lincoln Avenue Residence Hall Bootcamp, a perfect example of a helpful resource that helps you stay fit without going to the gym.

“I created the program (because) I wanted to stay fit during the school year and knew I would be more motivated to workout if I had other residents counting on me,” Vorreiter said.

Personal trainer for University of Illinois Campus Recreation Matt Rossbach, also agrees that at-home workouts can substitute trips to the gym.

“If you are limited to only your own body, you can still be creative and get an effective, functional workout,” Rossbach said.

Rossbach says some successful ways to achieve a good workout at home are to “incorporate a wide range of bodyweight exercises, (including) pushups, squats, chair dips, lunges, supermans, planks and an endless variety of other exercises for abs.”

He also suggests “jogging in place and doing jumping jacks (for) common cardio exercises.”

“To increase intensity you can incorporate plyometric exercises like leapfrogs and 180 degree jumps. For strength, most people have some common objects in their house that are heavy enough to be used for resistance,” Rossbach said.

Jackie Kropp, graduate assistant for SportWell, suggests using equipment like stability balls, dumbbells, and resistance bands. If you do not have the equipment, objects like stairs and heavy books can replace the dumbbells.

“Make sure you have proper form and technique and change up your routine every 2-3 weeks,” Kropp said. “Be creative. Use household objects for increased weight or resistance during exercises.”

Besides the correct technique, consistency is another component that is essential to working out properly.

“Work out at the same time everyday no matter what you are doing at home, (because) it’s easier to skip an at home workout than one at the gym,” Kropp said.

Vorreiter added that it is important to know what your fitness goals are so that you can adjust your gym workout to fit your goals at home.

For more helpful tips, refer to online sources, fitness magazines, the SportWell center or the University’s recreation facilities.