Fab Pad dorm decorating contest a fun way to show off unique rooms

Dorms are the home away from home for college students. It is important for students to be able to feel comfortable in their new homes on campus.

When students arrive, all they usually have with University Housing is a small simple square room. But students get to work on transforming their dorms from an empty square cell, into a fabulous pad that they feel best represents them and makes them feel that sense of home.

That is why the University Housing Marketing department puts on Fab Pad dorm decorating contest every year for the residents in the various dorms.

“Fab Pad is our annual residence hall room design contest,” said Kirsten Ruby, assistant director of Housing for Marketing, “we ask residents to send us photos of their fun, functional rooms, and we select winners. We love seeing the creativity and design skills of our students, and students love showing off their spaces.”

According to Ruby, the winners of the various dorms have their rooms featured on the University Housing website and also on YouTube. This is not only fun for the winners but also helpful to new students who are looking into what living in a dorm could be like at the University.

“Incoming students tell us they really appreciate seeing real rooms decorated by real students,” Ruby said.

The rules for the contest are simple; it is only open to residents of University Housing undergraduate and graduate upper-division halls, and people must turn in their submissions before spring break.

Be sure to look out for posters and electronic signs that are sure to be found around campus encouraging and reminding every to participate in the Fab Pad contest this year as well.

Students can go on the University Housing website and search Fab Pad to take a look at the winners and honorable mentions of last year’s contest for some inspiration.

“We can’t wait to see this year’s entries!” Ruby said.