Quiz: What kind of housing is best for you?

*1. How much space do you need to be comfortable?*

a) Sharing one room and community bathrooms is fine with me.

b) I just want a kitchen and living room along with my bedroom.

c) My dream house is a castle, I love having all the space I need.

d) Three or four floors to spread out on would be perfect for me.

*2. Realistically, how much cleaning of your living space are you willing to do?*

a) Cleaning bathrooms is my worst nightmare.

b) I can handle keeping a few major rooms tidy and clean.

c) Isn’t that what cleaning services are for?

d) I don’t mind cleaning up inside or outside – shoveling snow is fine with me.

*3. How many roommates would be ideal for you to live with?*

a) Just one – or maybe I’d even like to have a place to myself.

b) Two or three of my closest friends would be a perfect setup.

c) I’d love to be surrounded by all my friends and brothers/sisters.

d) Maybe five, ten, fifteen – the more, the merrier!

*4. What are your feelings about cooking for yourself?*

a) The only cooking I do is frozen meals in the microwave.

b) I can handle cooking for myself, I balance it with going out for food occasionally, too.

c) I’d love to have a chef making meals right in my own kitchen.

d) My roommates and I can cook for ourselves.

*5. If you could live in any location, where would you pick?*

a) Right on the edges of academic campus, where there are always buses running.

b) Within walking distance of the campus and the bars, of course.

c) Within the groups of Greek houses in the middle of campus.

d) A little farther away, off campus but still nearby.

h2. Results:

*Mostly A’s —* Sticking with the dorms is an ideal choice for you. No cooking or cleaning necessary!

*Mostly B’s —* A campus apartment would be great for you. Still close to everything, but now you have more than one room to live out of, and a little more responsibility is no sweat for you.

*Mostly C’s —* The Greek life is the one for you. Greek houses offer many amenities that are unavailable in other living situations so take advantage of them.

*Mostly D’s —* A campus house with your friends is an excellent choice. You’ve got more space and freedom this way.