Chiddy Bang, Diplo stir up Canopy Club

Canopy Club was in full swing as it was invaded by Lunice, Chiddy Bang and Diplo. As a part of a college tour, One Night Only by AXE, these popular music acts are visiting colleges full of enthusiastic, screaming fans. Energy vibrated around the large room as the artists put on sets of their best-known music.

Lunice kicked off the show with a live set. He explained that his live sets are compilations of his own pre-recorded music that he dances to on stage. Lunice is from Montreal, but most of his shows were based in Europe in such cities as London. This tour marked his first time performing for college audiences.

While a newcomer to this type of venue, Lunice was able to engage his audience. The audience started out head bobbing, but as they realized they weren’t as familiar with the music style, they concentrated more on listening to the beats.

“Every time someone listens to the music, I want them to walk away not knowing what really happened,” Lunice said.

By the end of the set, the audience was cheering loudly, having been introduced to a unique style that Lunice feels really sets him apart, while at the same time identifying him with other similar producers.

Noah “Xaphoon Jones” of Chiddy Bang was excited to see Lunice.

“We won’t be up for a minute, but I’m really excited to hear Lunice’s beats,” Xaphoon said.

Next in the lineup was Chiddy Bang. They have gained an enormous amount of success recently with the drop of their new album Breakfast last month. Chiddy bang focuses on musical influences such as MGMT and Passion Pit. The familiar tunes are then combined with their own eclectic style. Traditional hip-hop is mixed with indie and alternative beats for a sound that sets them apart.

Chiddy Bang was successful in keeping the audience interested throughout the set. They started with their song Breakfast. The use of the familiar song brought the audience in and kept them wanting more.

The middle of the set featured songs that were perhaps a little less known, but that kept those in attendance looking forward to the end result.

The top hits Opposite of Adults and Ray Charles finished off the performance. Everyone was singing along and filling in parts of the song; Chiddy Bang did a fantastic job with interacting with the audience.

Their performance style was very interesting – they engaged with the audience, but at the same time were in their own world where passion was evident. Chiddy sang his self-written lyrics clearly and enthusiastically, while Xaphoon Jones played his beats and the drums in the background.

Brendan Hsu, senior in Business, was very excited for Chiddy Bang’s performance.

“I really like how they mix modern melodies with rap,” Hsu said. “It’s more exciting.”

He wasn’t the only one, however, clearly enjoying the performance.

Last in the schedule was Thomas Pentz, better known as Diplo. His sound was funky and brought out an exciting dancing side to the audience.

In between the sets of Chiddy Bang and Diplo, glow sticks in various colors were handed out. Full of energetic vibes, everyone jumped and danced, glow sticks firmly in hand.

The underlying theme of the show seemed to be highlighting a lighthearted, young feel. From the lyrics to the relaxed looks in the crowd, the night was an example of a carefree time where the crowd couldn’t help but to “reminisce days of innocence,” an idea Chiddy is all too fond of.