A breakfast that turns Champaign into Champagne

By Robin Dean

This Friday, as the sun begins to rise above Green Street, students campus-wide will wake up to one of the earliest alarms they will ever set this semester. It’s during this early morning that the campus will start to don green shirts, shamrocks and the occasional leprechaun. Unofficial 2016 is here, and as always, the itinerary begins with breakfast. Here is this year’s menu:

Scrambled Eggs and Beer:

One-minute students are sunny-side up, and the next, they are upside-down with “Kegs and Eggs.”

Made up of one’s favorite type of beer and scrambled eggs, this combination is considered to be a campus tradition. Many students decide to choose this option because it is easily customizable and requires a minimum amount of effort to make.

Mimosas and Pancakes:

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    Students can start the day the best frickin’ way with “Fricked Up Flapjacks.”

    Unofficial is considered a time of celebration and students take the opportunity to bring out their Champagne bottles and mix it with some classic orange juice. To keep the meal light, many enjoy adding a stack of pancakes on the side.

    Tequila Sunrise and Breakfast Burrito:

    This Unofficial, students can take the their Spring Break early as they travel South of the Border with “Los Burritos Ebrios,” Spanish for intoxicated burritos.

    With any orange juice left over from the Mimosas, students can add in a splash of Tequila with some grenadine and create a Tequila Sunrise. Surprisingly enough, students on campus love to pair it with a favorite breakfast burrito.

    Bloody Mary and Hash Browns:

    The Sash-Ringing, the Trash-Singing, The Mash-Flinging, The Flash-Springing, Yes. The Smashed Hash.”

    Some enjoy starting their Unofficial with the classic brunch cocktail, Bloody Mary. With Vodka, Tomato Juice, and a variety of spices, it is a drink that many choose in order to intrigue their taste buds. Then to keep the flavor going, some add in a side of hash browns and create an extremely savory breakfast.

    White Russian and Doughnuts:

    Forget “America runs on Dunkin.” This Unofficial, “America stumbles on Drunkin’” with Drunkin’ Donuts.

    Made from Vodka, Coffee liqueur and cream, the White Russian is a favorite among all of those who consider themselves to be “coffee-lovers.” All anyone needs is to add their favorite doughnut in order to sweeten things up.

    Bagels and Burnettes:

    This Unofficial, some make sure to wake up on the left side of the bed and ”#FeelTheBurnettes.”

    With most students living on a budget, many decided to choose this option as a good way to start the Unofficial event. Combining their favorite flavor of Burnettes and their bagel of choice, it is a breakfast that is cost friendly and still festive.

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