'Deadpool': A new approach to superheroes

By Aishwarya Raj

From the opening title sequence to the credits, the Marvel film “Deadpool” makes use of every opportunity to sneak in subtle jokes, Easter eggs and innuendos. chHolding in a chuckle as the opening credits dole out titles like “an overpaid tool” and “a moody teenager” to various cast members is impossible, as the film refuses in every way to be modest.ch

Deadpool, played by Ryan Reynolds, contradicts stereotypical hero norms by seeking revenge for himself while also saving the woman he loves. Reynolds’ character provides sarcastic humor and sexual commentary to the film, creating a new type of superhero.

The film is as hilarious as it is crass, but “Deadpool” does two things exceptionally well. The first is its ability to reinvent the classic love story even while taking every opportunity to insert between the line innuendos. The second unique aspect of the movie is that it was able to stand alone, in terms of being able to preserve and capture Deadpool’s personality, while still maintaining its ties to comic-book references.

While the love story unfolds as a mixture between a tragically sad take on Romeo and Juliet, it seems to preserve the essence of true love, which is, of course, till death do us part.

In an age where love seems to appear and vanish in a matter of days rather than years, seeing a movie that still preserves a long-lasting relationship is refreshing.

Deadpool is an outcast mercenary who woos women with his over-the-top persona and insensitive pick-up lines, yet he still manages to fall in love with someone who is facing similar struggles but is worth enough to fight an entire lifetime for.

While the film itself is about Deadpool, ignoring the references to Reynolds’ other superhero entities is hard. Reynolds played Green Lantern in “X-Men Origins: Wolverine,” which was brought to the big screen only a few years back, and the character is mentioned in “Deadpool.” The interplay between the two characters, the self-referential, fourth-wall-breaking humor and the realistic nature of the relationship is what provides the audience enjoyment and a sense of relatability.

One caveat with the film overall is that it does not have a continuous progression of the story line. Rather, the entire plot unfolds in a series of flashbacks, rewinds and forwards. The film literally throws the audience in the midst of the action, letting them puzzle through the events.

While this is simply a representation of Deadpool’s erratic personality, the plot seems overshadowed by Deadpool himself. While his larger-than-life personality is the main focus of the self-titled film, the disorder of events is just too confusing to string together.

Overall, this film is worth watching, not just because “Deadpool” is another addition to the Marvel superhero universe but because it is a feel-good comedy with its own character. The film is worth watching for a good laugh and a healthy dose of sarcasm, and incorporates a mature sense of humor for the audience.

Deadpool is relatable because he’s just another regular, quirky guy turned superhero. The cake topper of the film, however, is that Deadpool is not the average superhero doing cheesy good deeds and living an honorable life.

He understands that sometimes the dude who screwed up his face and stole the love of his life just needs to be shot down, and he knows that when he loves a girl he needs to work hard to keep her forever.ch all the facts

Rating: 8/10

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