Illini Emergency Medical Services gives tips on how to beat the heat on Quad Day


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By Emily Scott, Staff writer

On Aug. 21, thousands of students will flock to the Main Quad to experience all the University has to offer at Quad Day. And in the case of an emergency, Illini Emergency Medical Services will be there to help out.

Illini Emergency Medical Services is a student organization that provides basic emergency medical services for many campus events, including sporting events. They also offer CPR and EMT classes to students and the public.

As they have during past Quad Days, the organization will have one standby team consisting of two EMTs and two bike teams present. The standby team will be located at the center of the Main Quad and the bike teams will roam the area throughout the day.

Justin Lien, current president of Illini Emergency Medical Services, said that in the past they have typically responded to students passing out and feeling dizzy due to hot weather.

Lien said they are prepared for whatever weather this year’s Quad Day brings. Last year, the cooler, rainy weather led to a low call volume, but the year before that saw more intense heat and more calls.

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    “We’ve never had any issues for too high of a call volume,” Lien said. “We’ve always been adequately staffed.”

    The group typically gets calls from people who have passed out after not drinking enough water and staying out in the heat for too long.

    “The most important thing is to drink lots of water,” Lien said.

    He said students should bring water with them to Quad Day, and depending on the heat, they should drink around one bottle of water per hour. Headaches, dizziness and tiredness are typically early signs of dehydration, but Lien said students should start hydrating far before they get to this stage.

    Lien said students should also take breaks from being out in the heat and go inside one of the buildings on the Main Quad to rest in the air conditioning. Taking breaks in the shade can also be an easy way to cool off while still being able to enjoy the sights and sounds of the event.

    Another tip — Lien said students should avoid consuming alcoholic beverages altogether, as drinking can lead to dehydration and feeling even worse in the heat.

    If students are in need of basic emergency medical services on Quad Day, they can flag down a member of the bike teams or go to the Illini Emergency Medical Services’ tent located in the center of the Main Quad.

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