Quad Day: There’s an RSO for everyone

By Azucena Gama, Night Editor

At the University, there are over 800 RSOs, and every single one is different. Ranging from art-related to political to Greek life to pre-professional; anything you’re looking for, you will find. There are also RSOs unique to Illinois such as October Lovers, and RSOs that are international programs such as 4-H.

On Quad Day, you will see these clubs face-to-face and get to learn more about them. For many RSOs, Quad Day is when they recruit the most members. 

Aishwarya Rajesh, senior in Engineering, is president of Engineering Council — a collective RSO for engineers. It acts as a union for all engineering students to come together and enhance their experience at the University.

“We have a lot of academic, professional, personal growth and leadership opportunities to primarily foster relationships within the College of Engineering,” Rajesh said. “Committees do work from running EOH, which is the Engineering Open House, the largest student-run science fair in the country, to E-Week, a STEM celebration.”

The Engineering Council is just one of the many academic and pre-professional RSOs on campus. 

When looking for RSOs on Quad Day, make sure to look at everything, because you never know what you’ll find. And remember that it’s not permanent; you are not forced to stick to the same RSO for the rest of your time at the University. 

“I do think it’s very important to have these different RSOs that are focused on different things in providing different experiences because that’s what college really is about,” Rajesh said. “I joined many RSOs before I actually joined Engineering Council and each of those experiences helped me to be part of this.”

Sydney Wright, senior in LAS, is president of Archery Club. The recreational RSO meets at the East Central Illinois Archers Club in northern Urbana. Its members come from all backgrounds, majors and skill levels. 

“A lot of our members actually never shot a bow before they joined,” Wright said. 

Wright is a certified instructor from USA Archery, so she and the other experienced members are always ready to teach newcomers.

“I think it just gives people a way to diversify their interests and escape academic life,” Wright said. “You can try new things that you may not get to do within your major or even just have an outlet for the stress of school.” 

Isabel Runne, junior in Engineering, is the president of Stitching Illini, a more relaxed RSO at Illinois. The Stitching Illini meet once a week to crochet, knit and do needle art.

“We’re really opening to people that don’t know how to crochet or knit,” Runne said. “We provide the supplies, and we’ll teach them.” 

Runne described the club as more of a “social hangout,” differentiating themselves from more academic or athletic RSOs. 

“Go to Quad Day and talk to the people and pick the RSO that you’re interested in, don’t do something just because your friends are doing it, it really is important for you to experience college on your own terms,” Rajesh said. “And, if anything, go to Quad Day for the food and shirts that you can get.”


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