UI promotes all political beliefs through RSOs

By Cecilia Milmoe, Interim Features Editor

All kinds of political beliefs can be found on campus. For students who wish to become more politically involved, joining a political RSO is a great first step. Regardless of your political beliefs, there is an RSO for you.

Illini Democrats

Illini Democrats is an RSO focused on promoting the ideals of the Democratic Party and upholding these ideals within the community and on campus. With the goal of assisting the Democratic Party from the local to national level, this RSO aims to help Democratic candidates in their elections. The RSO seeks to achieve this through the education and development of students, as well as through political activism. Meetings will be held weekly — the days, times and locations of which are to be determined.

Illini Republicans

Illini Republicans is an RSO whose objective is to defend the constitutional government of the United States. This RSO promotes the founding ideals of the United States, such as personal freedom, limited government and the free market. Illini Republicans encourages active participation in politics from the local to national level. Through this participation, as well as through social interaction on campus, members are given opportunities to have a political impact. The first meeting of the semester will be on Aug. 25 in Lincoln Hall, room 1092.

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    Young Democratic Socialists of America

    As the University chapter of the YDSA, this RSO works with the Champaign-Urbana Democratic Socialists of America to advocate for democratic socialist policies in youth, particularly among students at the University. This is achieved through political activism and solidarity with other leftist groups on campus. This RSO organizes political rallies and hosts talks, as well as other events, in order to promote and defend the idea that “true human liberation is impossible under capitalism.” Meetings will be held weekly. The exact dates, times and locations of meetings are to be determined.

    Young Americans for Freedom

    Young Americans for Freedom is an RSO that strives to strengthen the conservative movement on campus and increase the number of conservative youths by promoting the importance of conservative values such as individual freedom, limited government and traditional values. This RSO introduces students to and educates them about these principles. It seeks to accomplish its goals by hosting events, national conferences and bringing the leading conservative voices to speak on campus. Meetings will be held biweekly, and the days, times and locations of meetings are to be determined.


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