Senior Year bucket list

By Faith Allendorf, Managing Editor for Reporting

It happened so fast.

Four years ago, I went to my first class on the first day of my first year of college. I was nervous but very excited about the opportunities that were sure to come.

But on Monday, I experienced that nervousness and excitement for the final time — it was my last first day of school. My time in college came and went so fast. 

I’ve always had this fear of never living my life to the fullest, and when I look back on my time at the University, I realize that there are many things I have yet to do.

To my fellow seniors, I encourage you to make a bucket list of your own, but here are some ideas that you could set your sights on accomplishing this year.

Maybe this year won’t go by so fast if we do the things we’ve never done.


Ride the 22 Illini’s entire route

Starting at PAR/FAR and ending north near Lincoln and Killarney, the 22 Illini’s route loops around most of campus. If you were to ride the whole loop, you might see more of campus than you thought existed. 

Try every restaurant in Campustown

Potbelly, Shawarma Joint, Cocomero, Cracked and Cravings are just a few of the many restaurants in Campustown. Even if you end up not liking an establishment’s menu, it would definitely be an accomplishment to say you tried every restaurant in Campustown.

Go to a house show in Urbana

There are plenty of shows that are constantly going on in Urbana. A lot of local talent gather at various venues throughout the weekends to showcase their musical skills while hosts serve drinks and create a welcoming atmosphere. 

The best part? House shows tend to be cheaper than going to the campus bars. 

Visit every academic building on campus 

Illinois facts list that there are 354 University facilities across 3.6 square miles on campus, a large number of which are academic buildings such as Gregory Hall and Burrill Hall. Use the University’s interactive campus map to identify academic buildings you have not been to and write down a list of where to go.

It might take a while to visit all of the buildings, but bring a group of senior friends along with you to make it even more worthwhile.

See a show at Krannert Center for Performing Arts

From musicals to an annual performance by the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Krannert always has shows that are diverse enough to fit the student body’s varying interests. 

Want to save money? No problem. University students can get discounted tickets for shows at Krannert.

Bar hop KAMS, The Red Lion and Joe’s in one night

Safely, of course. 

Go to the off-campus bars

The off-campus bars have a much different vibe than KAMS, Red Lion or Joe’s. Instead of a club-like space, venues such as the Rose Bowl in Urbana and Pour Bros in Champaign have a more laid-back environment. Music is either live or recorded, and the people at the bars are generally of all ages. These bars also tend to host events such as drag shows or day-long festivals that feature many local artists. 

Attend Murphy’s trivia night 

Every week, Murphy’s on Green Street hosts a trivia night that features questions about specific categories. From “Star Wars” to political discourse, there are questions for all sorts of specific interests.

Take a spring break trip 

Grab a group of friends or a significant other and pick a vacation spot that you have always wanted to see. Even if you don’t have a large budget for a trip to the Florida Keys, a simple weekend trip to the Shawnee National Forest would be a great opportunity for memories.

Visit downtown Champaign on a weekend night

The bars and restaurants are alive with an energy that is indescribable during the weekend. Try getting dinner at Big Grove Tavern before heading to the Brass Rail for a drink. 

See the artwork at Meadowbrook park

Meadowbrook park is known for its trails that are lined with sculptures. It’s a pretty unique experience to see all of the interesting art while taking an evening walk.

Spend a whole night on the Main Quad with friends

Being out on the Main Quad at night feels like a whole other world, for it is quiet, dark and the temperature is cooler. Stargaze, have a night picnic, play some music or watch a movie — just be sure to bring bug spray.

Study at every library 

There are over 20 libraries on campus. The University is known for having one of the largest public libraries in the world with over 24 million items. The engineering library is especially impressive, as it is one of the larger ones in the U.S. 

Try to visit every library to get a feel of how impressive the University’s collections are.

Except for the UGL — you can’t go there anymore.

Spend some time at Japan House, Curtis Orchard, the Arboretum and Allerton Park

Besides Meadowbrook park, these outside attractions are University and C-U classics full of beautiful scenery and opportunities for a memorable day with loved ones.

Take a screenshot of yourself on the Alma Mater Cam

The Alma Mater Cam is a 24/7 Youtube stream of an ariel view of the statue. Have a friend take a screenshot of you waving at the camera — it will be a pretty great picture to find on your camera roll a couple of years from now.

Attend C-U Pride in October

Pride in C-U is held off until October to allow University students to participate in the celebration. With things such as street vendors, live music and a colorful parade, C-U Pride is a warm and welcoming environment for students and local residents to connect with others and find solace in a shared community.

Get Insomnia Cookies at 1 a.m.

Although your stomach is guaranteed to hurt in the morning, nothing is more worth it than cookies in the early morning.

Take a picture with every iconic Illinois and C-U statue

Abraham Lincoln in Lincoln Hall, Grainger Bob, Alma Mater, the Eternal Flame and Mr. Eggwards are just a few of the landmarks around campus and C-U.


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