Apartment decor advice based on your major

By Koumae Adams and Matt Novelli

Nothing beats the feeling of receiving compliments about how cozy your living room is or how good your new bathroom candle smells. To get these compliments, you first need to spend time decorating your apartment to match your personality. Here are some tips for decorating your apartment based on your major.

For engineers, nothing beats a lavish shower experience after grinding out assignments at Grainger. Decorate your bathroom with dried eucalyptus, candles or a bath tray to make bathing something you can look forward to. If you’re a bath person, a bathtub pillow and some epsom salt can enhance your baths.

For students majoring in marketing, a bar cart will spice up your living room. If you’re not 21, stock a cart with soda, fancy lemonades, juices and grenadines for making mocktails. If drinks aren’t your thing, a tasteful container filled with candies or mints can go a long way in keeping guests satisfied.

Student life is undeniably hectic, which means having a neat, organized kitchen should be a priority. Airtight containers and a spice rack will make you look put together and organized  — accounting majors, take note.

Students majoring in media and cinema studies might consider renting a projector from the library to entertain guests. Hosting a movie night with a projector is a game changer and is sure to create unforgettable memories with friends.

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    A terrarium side table can add an earthy touch to an indoor space, something students majoring in environmental science should consider adding to their homes. There are plenty of DIY tutorials online for making terrariums.

    Students majoring in education need a designated area to wind down and relax. A homemade bean bag assembled with materials from a craft store will provide a comfy escape from your work, and the final product will be much more comfier than a couch. Get creative with your space!

    Similarly, pre-med students know how important sleep is, which is why having a comfortable and personalized bed is a must. Consider adding a canopy, fake vines, cute pillows, plushies and fluffy blankets to improve your bedtime experience.

    English majors should look into floating bookshelves. These unique shelves are easy to install and can be picked up on the cheap through Amazon.

    We all love music, especially those who study it. A record player and a fat stack of vinyl records adds a touch of personality to a room. Be sure to check out the handful of record stores in C-U, like Exile on Main, Record Swap, Parasol and See You.

    For those not looking to break the bank on a record collection, a used Bluetooth speaker from eBay is always a safe bet.

    Your college apartment should be your home away from home. Don’t hold back to make the space your own, and show off everything that you treasure.


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