Louis the Child kicks off tailgate with Grange Grove concert


Quentin Shaw

Robby Hauldren speaks to the crowd onstage in Granger Grove on Friday, Sept. 29.

By Isabella Arquilla, Contributing writer

The Chicago-based music duo Louis the Child lit up Grange Grove with their electronic remixes of today’s most popular music and their own original songs.

Louis the Child members Robby Hauldren, 21, and Freddy Kennett, 19, hail from the northern suburbs of Chicago. The up-and-coming duo is preparing for their “Last to Leave Tour,” which kicks off on Oct. 8 in Austin, Texas.

The outdoor concert occurred outside Memorial Stadium before the football game Friday. The duo performed to an audience of students, alumni and other tailgating football fans.

“We’re so happy to be with you guys today. Let’s have some f—— fun right now,” Hauldren said.

The audience roared immediately as the two energetically jumped up onto a table, dancing as the beat dropped.

“Yo, U of I, let’s get a little crazy right now. You guys down?” the duo shouted together.

The audience matched the energy and enthusiasm as they dove into their first song.

Midway through the performance, Louis the Child T-shirts and orange glow sticks were thrown into the crowd.

The crowd quickly became rowdy, throwing beer cans and other objects onto the stage.

Quentin Shaw
Louis The Child performs outside Memorial stadium on September 29.

The duo asked the audience twice to stop throwing objects. Following this, they immediately returned to their upbeat yet relaxed demeanor.

“Everyone put your hands up!” they said.

Jacob Mehlman, sophomore in Business, also known by stage name Light House, appeared on the right corner of the stage playing his trumpet.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, make some noise for Light House,” the two said as they incorporated the trumpet’s melody in the song’s background.

The energy was pumping as the group played remixes of popular songs, including Miike Snow’s “Genghis Khan,” Kid Cudi’s “Day ‘N’ Nite” and Chance the Rapper’s “All Night.”

The duo also performed some of their original songs, including “Phone Died,” “Slow Down Love” and “It’s Strange.”

Louis the Child also played its newest upcoming song, “Right to It,” which was released today.

Hauldren and Kennett mentioned they could identify with this crowd because both are in the same age range as the audience.

The young artists were dressed in University of Illinois jerseys, adding to the orange and blue spirit that radiated across the crowd.

“I heard y’all are going to beat Nebraska today,” Hauldren said.

Hauldren and Kennett’s upbeat nature largely contributed to the show’s success.

“Thank you guys for bringing the love today. I had no idea what to expect playing this thing, but it was fun,” they said.

It was clear that the audience was feeling the love just as much as they were.

As the concert came to an end, Hauldren graciously thanked the crowd for coming out and supporting them. He also said Louis the Child fans mean the world to him and Kennett.

He then walked down the steps of the stage and approached individual audience members to give them hugs.

The concert ended with the group wishing the fans a good game.

“Enjoy the game! Sports, sports, sports!” they shouted.

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