Champaign, Urbana referenda pass

Election night proved favorable for two local referenda. A 1 percent sales tax increase to support Champaign schools and a property tax increase to support the Urbana Park District both passed.

Champaign’s school board already has plans for the money, said Champaign District 4 school board member, Tommy Lockman.

“The board has tried to be as transparent as possible in outlining what it will do with the money,” he said. He cited transparency as part of the reason for the referendum’s success.

“We have to stay strong to our word that we’ve given to the public,” he said.

Stephanie Yousef, who unsuccessfully ran for school board, said the money would improve facilities, which, in turn, improves education.

“The buildings’ deterioration is not healthy nor safe for the students,” she said.

The Urbana Park District will also be seeing an increase in funds from a property tax increase of 15 cents for every 100 dollars of assessed property value.