City of Champaign works to help keep citizens informed

Since 2003 the city of Champaign has been changing the way citizens communicate with the government with the “Help Us Keep You Informed” campaign. Throughout June and July focus groups of citizens, dialogues and online surveys will be implemented to help improve communication, according to a city press release.

“One of the goals for the city of Champaign is to get our citizens involved, informed and engaged,” said Joan Walls, assistant to the city manager for community relations.

These forums and events will advise city staff on what kind of information citizens would like to receive, as well as, the way they would like to receive it. Citizens’ preferences include the newspaper, website, government cable channel and radio.

The city has accomplished a lot since the campaign began, but technology moves quickly. These forums ensure that the city is keeping up with the citizen’s preferences, Walls said.

City staff will make themselves available four times throughout June at events scheduled at various parks in Champaign. If citizens are unable to attend the meetings, they can also provide their feedback through a survey on the city’s website.