Modifications are made for move-in day parking

A traffic sign posted on Lincoln Avenue in August warned Urbana dwellers about the upcoming move-in day on Thursday.

Ben Montet, junior in LAS and hall chair for Illinois Street Residence Hall, manages the I-Guides who help direct traffic and tell people where to park. He said about 400 students moved into Illinois Street Residence Hall.

He added that the city of Urbana assisted with move-in day by blocking off certain streets. To make moving into Illinois Street Residence Hall quicker and easier, Montet said they turned Illinois Street into a giant one-way street to allow I-Guides to direct traffic.

“It’s a huge process that requires months of planning,” he said.

Montet added that each residence hall handles parking and traffic and it is important that the city of Urbana and the University work together to ensure they do not clash.

“They all have the same basic idea,” he said. “But obviously we’re not going to have people living at ISR parking in the Six-Pack.”

Montet said Urbana closed off several parking lots for move-in day.

“The people who usually use these lots were given fliers that said there would be no parking on this lot on move-in day,” Montet said, adding that vehicles that failed to move were towed for free.

Bob Miller, parent of a Lincoln Avenue Residence Hall student, said there was not much traffic in town and that it took 15 minutes to drive to the residence hall from the highway.

“The signs in the street really helped,” Miller said. “We knew exactly where to go and where to park.”

Yet, Donald Hruska, freshman in Engineering, said that although there was not much traffic, there was some confusion with the parking situation.

“The I-Guides really didn’t know where to tell us to park,” Hruska said. “We ended up two or three blocks away.”

Jose Diaz, freshman in LAS, also said he had some trouble finding parking.

“It would have been nice if I had received a notification by e-mail telling me where to park,” Diaz said.