New treatment offered for patients who suffer from chronic sinusitis

Christie Clinic and Provena Covenant Medical Center’s Sinus Center of Excellence are now offering patients who suffer from chronic sinusitis a new surgical treatment to help them breather easier.

The procedure is minimally invasive and uses a new surgical device called the Relieva Stratus™ Microflow Spacer to release medication directly into the sinuses over a two to three week period. The device is the first endoscopic sinus instrument to do so.

The treatment is also for patients with structural problems, such as blocked sinus passages.

Insertion of the device into one or both nostrils is an outpatient procedure and has minimal discomfort, patients do not feel the device once it has been inserted into the sinuses. No tissue or bone is removed with the new procedure and the balloon-like device is removed from the sinuses 14-21 days after surgery.

Henry Lipps, MD, of Christie Clinic’s Department of Allergy/ENT said he is impressed with the results he has seen from the new surgery.