U-C Senate to discuss changes in academic policies

The Urbana-Champaign Senate is meeting Monday to discuss revisions to the senate’s statutes and Grade Replacement Policy, among other items.

The Committee on University Statutes and Senate Procedures is recommending changes to Article 8 of the statutes, which discusses changes in academic organization.

In addition to defining academic “units” and “tenure homes” for professors, associate professors and assistant professors, the article outlines which academic unit will have input on a faculty member’s tenure track if that faculty member is part of more than one unit.

The proposed revision would add language clarifying that the unit and tenure home definitions are specific to Article 8, and “do not accidentally disturb any other provisions of the statutes,” according to the senate’s agenda.

The Grade Replacement Policy is also up for revision. Currently, the policy stipulates that a student can replace an unsatisfactory grade in a class if that class is eligible for grade replacement.

The new language would clarify that any course in which it has been officially reported that the student violated the academic integrity code may not be repeated for grade replacement.

The Senate Executive Committee is also proposing a Licensing Advisory Committee at the meeting, which would deal with the selection and oversight of companies licensed to manufacture University apparel.