Software development office in UI research park closes

Qualcomm, a mobile technologies company, has decided to close its office in the University of Illinois Research Park after three years in Champaign.

Laura Frerichs, associate director of the UI Research Park, said she could not provide many details regarding Qualcomm’s decision process at this time, given the employees that have been impacted by the closing.

However, she did say that the office will not be closing in 2010, and that the company is awaiting more information about the plans in 2011.

“We are working with the staff to assist with potential placement of impacted employees within other job opportunities,” Frerichs said in an email. “Numerous companies have contacted us about potential job options for the highly skilled engineers from this office.”

Emily Kilpatrick, a representative from Qualcomm’s corporate communications office, also said that the company is encouraging its employees to consider opportunities within Qualcomm.

“We value our Champaign employees, however, we have decided to transition the work and resources to existing locations currently working on the same projects,” Kilpatrick said in an email.

Qualcomm develops cell phone chips to be used in products created by other companies. The Champaign office was originally opened to develop software that would incoporate those chips into the cell phone products.