Spiritual Health Fair showcases holistic lifestyle

The Fourth Annual Spiritual Health Fair was held at Lincoln Square Mall on Saturday and featured nearly 25 vendors who promoted spiritual health and general well-being.

The School of Metaphysics, located in Urbana, sponsored this event. Pam Blosser, school director, described the event as “an eclectic combination of alternative health practitioners, churches and schools.”

“Some people get the idea that metaphysics is something way radical or way out. It’s not. Metaphysics in its true sense is … very down to earth and very applicable to your life. It causes you to be stronger, healthier, happier, more productive and more fulfilled,” Blosser said.

“A lot of it is just a simple way of looking at life a little differently, looking at yourself a little differently and beginning to act that way. (It’s) knowing that you’re not a victim, but that you have a lot more control of your life and circumstances than you think you do.”

Unlike past year’s events with multiple lectures, this year’s included more attendee participation.

“We’re having a drumming circle, a couple of Tai Chi classes, an emotional integration class, a dulcimer player and an acoustic guitar player and folk singer,” Blosser said.

This is the second time the fair was held at the Lincoln Square Mall to the benefit of the vendors, said Lisa Billman, local certified teacher, soul coach and visionary artist.

“The venue here at Lincoln Square Mall is wonderful. We have a much greater flow. It is exciting because there are so many things going on right now in downtown Urbana, so it is neat to see all the people coming through,” Billman said.

Attendees could visit a variety of vendors and learn about alternative health options.

“We have everything from some churches to yoga studios, martial arts schools to massage therapists, to different types of social workers and readers,” Blosser said.

Some visited because of the spiritual offerings at the event. Cathy Brickell, 2007 graduate, already “had experience with spiritual affairs” and came to see the different options in the community.

Other attendees used the event as a networking opportunity.

“I’m finishing my master’s degree in Chicago in oriental medicine. I came to see what other options there are in integrative medicine,” said Lisa Dillon, an attendee at the fair.

Some vendors said this event also provided great exposure for their businesses. Martha Adekunle, local businesswoman, first attended the fair in 2008, only one year after she had become an independent beauty consultant for Mary Kay, she said.

Her experience was so successful she returned to the fair this year, she added.

The fair enlightened visitors about living a holistic lifestyle, said Charlene Pekoz, life coach, teacher and representative of Nature’s Sunshine.

“Knowledge is power and applied knowledge is empowering and healthy,” Pekoz said.

This event focused on improving the overall health of the community.

“I want this community to be on one of those Top 10 places to live lists, and this is one way that I can help to make that happen,” Blosser said.