Microsoft’s ‘One Note’ helps students, faculty get organized

By Ashley Johnson

College students may soon have an easier way to take notes in class and share those notes with others thanks to Microsoft’s OneNote software.

University students and faculty had a chance to try the digital note-taking software for free when Microsoft representatives visited campus yesterday. They gave away software samples between the lllini Union and Everitt Lab.

Ben Sturner, Microsoft spokesperson, said the promotion was designed to give students a chance to try the new product. ÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿ

“This software is pretty unique. It’s for students and teachers and it helps students become more efficient and organized with their notes,” Sturner said.

The software allows users to take notes, collaborate with others, capture drawings and draw drafts.

Sturner said the product is especially important for students because it can make note-taking, studying and researching easier. Users can also share notes, which Sturner said should come in handy for students who miss class.

“It’s like a 21st century three-ring binder that combines freedom and flexibility of paper with the power of digital tools to make people more productive,” Sturner said. “It’s one place for all your notes.”

Microsoft representatives will be visiting about 100 colleges as part of the OneNote promotional giveaway. Sturner said the University’s educational reputation made it a prime place to pass out the new software.

“You guys are known for a great technology school and a strong academic college and that’s one of the reasons we’re going over there,” he said.

He said note-taking is universal, and the product offers a better method than paper notes, which can be hard to organize.

OneNote retails for $99.99, but students can purchase an academic edition at campus bookstores for $49.00.

Hari Vedam, senior in LAS, said OneNote seems like a better alternative to carrying three to five notebooks around campus every day.

“I am a little excited to see what they have to offer in this note-taking software,” he said. “I think software will help make taking notes easier. You won’t have to carry heavy notebooks, just your laptop.”