Professor picked by Dr. Phil

(U-WIRE) STILLWATER, Okla. – Oklahoma State University professor Steve Edwards has been selected to serve on an advisory board for Phil McGraw, host of television’s Dr. Phil show. McGraw will soon be releasing a magazine titled The Next Level.

In the past, the producers and staff of the television show did all of the background work for the topics on the show. With the recent release of the magazine, the producers were overwhelmed, Edwards said.

The producers then went to the American Psychological Association and got a list of subject matter experts. McGraw picked the experts for his advisory board and had the list approved by his mentor, Edwards said.

The advisory board will shorten the process for the producers and provide a source of information directly from a group of experts. Edwards said he isn’t sure what division of psychology his advice will be related to, but will probably be related to sports and exercise psychology.

Sports psychology and exercise psychology are actually two very distinct fields, Edwards said.

“Sports psychology is using psychological techniques to improve an athlete’s performance,” Edwards said.

Examples of sports psychology are relaxation techniques and visualization activities, Edwards said.

“Exercise psychology is an emerging discipline, and due to the increase in overweight Americans, is a field that is growing very rapidly,” Edwards said.

Exercise psychology deals with the psychological benefits from exercise and adherence to exercise.

Most professional publications have an advisory board that serves on a volunteer basis.

“There is still a stigma attached to people who have psychological problems. I believe the TV show serves a very good purpose,” Edwards said. “I feel honored to be associated with an enterprise that is very helpful. The television show shows that everyone has psychological problems, and these problems are pretty typical. It also shows that there is help available.”

– Marissa Crawford