City council discusses Champaign street repair plan

By Charles Menchaca

The Champaign City Council discussed Tuesday night an annual plan to repair city streets.

City staff members came before the council to voice their input on three issues surrounding the plan. Each issue had more than one alternative, allowing the council to decide which alternative for each issue to recommend to staff members.

Council first discussed what types of improvements should be included in the project. The council unanimously voted 8-0 on the first alternative presented, which allowed city staff members repair the streets’ functions and conditions.

The next issue was how to prioritize street projects. The council recommended allowing the staff to select street locations for repair based on citizen input and a pavement condition index.

The final issue was how engineering services should be provided. The council approved the issue’s first alternative to continue using contract work for engineering design and construction.

City staff presented photographs taken Tuesday to provide a visual example of the current street conditions.