Champaign City Council talks money

By Hetal Bhatt

The Champaign City Council passed several resolutions authorizing money for various projects and tasks around the county.

A resolution allowing the Champaign Police Department to establish a contract with technology firm Ocean Systems was unanimously passed by the council. The contract with Ocean Systems will go toward developing interactive training equipment for officers in the department.

The council also unanimously passed a pair of bills to buy new equipment for the Public Works Department. One resolution allowed the city to purchase three transport trucks, valued at $142,000 total. The following resolution authorized the purchase of a new vehicle body for one of the department’s asphalt patching trucks.

One final bill approved by the council allowed for the Champaign City Manager to sign an engineering services agreement with the Clark Dietz Corporation. The agreement is valued at almost $225,000 and allows the corporation to provide engineering services and consultation for the Copper Slough Watershed, which is being planned in Champaign.

Lastly, a $2 million batch of investments by the city was also unanimously approved before adjournment.