Other campuses: Kent restricts outdoor smoking

(U-WIRE) KENT, Ohio – Residence Services passed a resolution that prohibits smoking outside of most residence hall entrances.

The adopted resolution calls for the halls to identify, on an individual basis, a smoking door or doors by the end of the semester, while the remainder of the doors are to become smoke-free.

More than one door could be made smoking if the hall decides, said Brian Chojnowski, special committee chair and author of the resolution.

“I am requesting that the hall council work with their RHDs to identify at least one entrance/area near each of the halls where smoking will be permitted prior to the start of the fall semester final examination period,” said Betsy Joseph, director of Residence Services.

Kent Interhall Council proposed this resolution after several special committee meetings to discuss students’ needs and concerns with smoking outside of the residence halls.

The only amendment Joseph changed in the resolution is a condition on where the smoking doors will be.

“The location of the entranceways shouldn’t be adjacent to student rooms or offices, to avoid smoke filling the rooms,” Joseph said. “We have enough entranceways to meet this classification. I added this stipulation to the resolution that was presented to me because of all the concerns and complaints that I have received on this matter from individuals who live or work in locations adjacent to or above a location where smokers have congregated.”

– Kimberly Dick

“Numerous studies have shown that second-hand smoke is a proven health hazard. I do not believe it is reasonable to expect an individual to live or work in an area that is being negatively impacted by second-hand smoke seeping into the room, apartment or office.”

This rule will be added to the Hallways handbook this summer, and smoking outside of a nonsmoking door is to be treated like any other infringement.

“Security aides and resident assistants are to address this policy violation as any other rule,” Joseph said.

It is a punishable offense, but it may take time for students to get used to it.

“We need a period of adjustment and for people to acknowledge it,” Joseph said. “We will be purchasing signs over winter break to show where smoking will be permitted, so after the break we can fully communicate and implicate this resolution.”

Scott McCallen, president of KIC, said at Tuesday’s meeting he was thankful for quick action and decision from Residence Services, and KIC agrees with the change that was made.