Champaign revises this weekend’s liquor restrictions

By Caroline Kim

Champaign Mayor and Liquor Commissioner Jerry Schweighart announced revisions Thursday to the original boundaries for campus alcohol restrictions this weekend.

Champaign and Urbana both passed liquor restrictions this week limiting bar hours, alcohol sales and alcohol containers starting Friday in anticipation of possible riots sparked by the Illini men’s basketball game Saturday and, if the team wins, Monday.

An area from Springfield Avenue to John Street and Locust Street to Neil Street is no longer included in the restriction zone, Schweighart said.

“After looking at the businesses in this area and their regular clientele, it was clear to me that we had defined the campus area too broadly,” Schweighart said in a press release.

Schweighart said that the revision maintains all the campus restrictions and allows the three businesses affected by the initial zoning – Green Street Caf‚, Rock’s and Fat City Saloon – to operate normally.

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    The revised restriction zone boundaries are Springfield Avenue on the north, Wright Street on the east, Kirby Avenue on the south and north on First Street to Green Street, then west on Green Street to Locust Street and north on Locust Street to Springfield Avenue.

    All other aspects of the emergency order will remain in effect. License holders able to sell alcohol in the restriction area will be prohibited from serving alcohol between 6 a.m. and 11 a.m. starting Friday and continuing through Tuesday morning at the latest. The licensees also cannot sell any glass bottle with a capacity less than 750 mL, but can only serve alcohol in a plastic or paper container.

    The City of Champaign also will prohibit all liquor license holders in the city from selling more than one keg of beer to any customers.

    “I do not believe this will compromise any safety concerns for campus or any other area,” Schweighart added in the press release. “I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused the businesses affected.”