Yvette’s Cachet opens in College Corner Mall

Yvette Dorian recently opened Yvette´s Cachet in the College Corner Mall on the corner of Fourth and Green Streets in Champaign. Her boutique carries clothing and botanical perfumes. Nick Kohout

Yvette Dorian recently opened Yvette´s Cachet in the College Corner Mall on the corner of Fourth and Green Streets in Champaign. Her boutique carries clothing and botanical perfumes. Nick Kohout

By Teresa Sewell

Walking past the corner of Fourth and Green Streets does not reveal Yvette Dorian’s new store that provides contemporary casual clothes for ladies. Walking through the doors of The College Corner Mall does. Dorian waits for customers, hoping to provide good service and an enjoyable shopping experience.

After working for Bogarts, 505 East John St., for 17 years, Dorian is back on campus with her own store, Yvette’s Cachet. Even though this is the second week the store has been open, some customers have found their way to Yvette’s Cachet and are pleased with what they have seen.

“Ooh, I want that…,” said Katie Mysko, junior in LAS, pointing to a slinky blue shirt on the rack.

Her friend, Ali Redfield, sophomore in LAS, looks at the shirt and agrees it’s nice, but finds herself distracted by accessories.

“As you can see, we want all of this stuff,” Redfield said, smiling and trying on bracelets. She added that now she knows where to find trendy clothes in Champaign.

“I had ideas of my own (from working at Bogarts) in the direction that I wanted to take the store,” Dorian said.

She said she always kept the idea of opening her store in the back of her mind when management didn’t agree with her ideas.

She describes most of the clothing she sells as “contemporary casual because they are all fresh designs.”

Modeling one of the sweaters, Dorian explains how her “cashmere and acrylic sweater is tighter fitting than bulky like most sweaters.”

Pointing to gauchos on the manikin, she describes how the styles of clothing are versatile.

“You can wear those to class and even put a sweatshirt over it, but you also can go to your yoga class with them on,” she said.

Dorian also carries dressy and elegant items people can go out to dinner in as well as various unique fashions.

“This is definitely hippy chic,” she said, picking up a dress with flare sleeves, made of silk.

She said she likes to blend fashions and not categorize herself into one thing.

“It’s taking ideas from the ’70s and putting a fresh spin on it,” she said.

Sarah Cress, graduate student, said she would be back to buy Christmas gifts.

The store has nice atmosphere, the owner’s really nice, and the quality of clothes is great, Cress said.

Dorian said even though she works mostly with new designers, she designs T-shirts. One on the table reads “You were never my boyfriend.”

“I would think that every girl needs at least one of those…we all make mistakes,” she said laughing. “I try to do alternative apparel so when you buy something here, you’re not going to find it at the mall. Most people already have the things that are at the mall so they are looking for something different.”

In the front of her store, Dorian has tapestries, which she said are good to just throw over a couch or cover a wall.

“You can take an idea and completely redo a whole room based on the inspiration from one of those tapestries,” she said.

She said she’s really proud of the over 75 fragrances she carried over from Bogarts. Among the more popular are Rain and Chinese Flowers, which Dorian said customers constantly asked her about before she opened the store.

Dorian said she looked all over town for a place to open her new shop, but she kept “gravitating back to the campus.”

“I like the whole pulse of the campus,” she said.

“It’s amazing to me how a lot of people don’t know where College Corner Mall is,” Dorian said, who plans to have the grand opening after Thanksgiving break to give the store more exposure.

She said The College Corner Mall has a lot of character, and there are so many different types of people to meet that she wouldn’t have met if her store was not located on campus.

“I like to expose myself to different people. It makes it worthwhile I think and if it’s not, I think I’ll have to change my mind and (make a career) in something else,” she said, smiling.