Early election results in

By Madeline Keleher

The unofficial student election results were announced at 5:00 p.m. on Thursday. The results will be made official after the Student Election Committee holds an appeals hearing on Friday.

Christopher Kantas, junior in LAS, won the election for Student Trustee. Kantas received 3,920 votes, while other candidates Mike Trojanowski and Nina Fuentes received 1,482 votes and 1,020 votes, respectively.

Kantas will serve on the Board of Trustees, along with a student trustee from both of the other Illinois campuses, the governor of Illinois and nine other trustees appointed by the governor.

“I want to thank the other candidates who ran – they did a great job campaigning,” Kantas said upon learning of his win.

He said he hopes to work with them next semester because they had some very good ideas. Kantas also thanked the students for voting.

“The students of this university deserve a great leader – I hope I can fulfill that role,” Kantas said.

He promises that he will do as much as he can to help with any questions, comments or concerns that students have.

“My door at the Union will always be open,” Kantas said.

Along with the winner of Student Trustee, Tuesday and Wednesday’s elections determined the next student Senators and SORF Board members. Nearly 100 students ran for candidacy.

“It’s very difficult to get recognized, especially when everyone is campaigning under the same issues,” said Justin Randall, a sophomore who ran for, but did not win, a seat in LAS.

Many candidates tried to get their names out by putting up posters and chalking the quad. Some candidates, however, question the effectiveness of these methods.

“By the time of the elections, the ground was so crowded with chalk and names that it didn’t even matter in the end,” said Meghna Srinivasan, a freshman who ran for, but did not win, a seat in LAS. Randall agreed, adding that because it rained during elections this year, some people had to re-chalk the quad three times in a day.

Allan Niemerg, senior in LAS, was surprised when he learned of his election to ISS because he said he didn’t campaign at all.

“It shows how important name recognition is,” Niemberg said. “I’m a senior, so a lot of people have had four years to get to know me.”

Three referendum questions were also voted upon. The Legacy of Service and Learning Scholarship fee and the Student for Equal Access to Learning fee both passed.

The third referendum question, which asked if students would be in favor of increasing recruitment of underrepresented minority groups to the University, did not pass.

It received 3,286 votes in favor of it and 3,500 votes against it.

Official election results will be available after the appeals hearing at www.uiuc.edu/ro/sec.