Fire interrupts Mass at Newman Hall

From left to right, Casey Meyer, Junior in Communications, Sharlene Blindt, Junior in ALS, Rachel Edgerle, Freshman in ALS, Emily Edgerle, Junior in Education, and Karrie Teske, Freshman in FAA, sit on the curb after being evacuated from their dorm rooms Beck Diefenbach

By Vasanth Sridharan

A fire erupted in a third-floor room at Newman Hall, 604 E. Armory Ave., this morning, causing the chapel to empty during a Sunday morning service.

Lt. John Hocking, Champaign Fire Deparment, said they got a call at 10:42 a.m., about smoke coming out of the Catholic dorm. When he arrived, he said the fire fighters were told there was smoke coming out of room 335. Hocking said the fire was actually in the closet of room 333, and that they were able to contain most of the fire damage to the closet.

“The RAs did a very good job, they did what they were supposed to do,” Hocking said.