ON-AIR: Map Plus Program remains unfunded

By Kristin Maiorano

Governor Blagojevich’s Map Plus Program remains unfunded. The MAP Plus Bill was signed into law by the Illinois General Assembly at the end of July this year, providing funds for middle income families making less than 200-thousand dollars a year that don’t qualify for need-based Map Grants. The Bill mandated that the Illinois Student Assistance Commission, or ISAC, provide the funds for 34 million dollars worth of grants. Blagojevich originally suggested that ISAC sell part or all of its student loan portfolio…but ISAC is still considering its options. ISAC Public Information Officer Randy Erford says that no matter what decision the commission makes, it will stay true to its mission.

According the the Office of Financial Aid, the University of Illinois is waiting for state funding before they disperse any grants. No student has been awarded or promised a MAP Plus grant at this time.