FINAL: UI Football vs. Ohio

By Staff Reports

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Score: Illinois 17 Ohio 20

Quarter: 4th

Scoring Plays:

  • Ohio kicks a field goal.
  • Illinois TD Pass Williams(7) to Lenti(82)with 10:06 left in 4th.
  • Ohio kicks a field goal with 5:58 left in 3rd.
  • Illinois 15yd TD Pass Williams(7) to Cumberland(17) with 0:24 left in 2nd.
  • Ohio Scores Touchdown with 17yd run at 11:06 left in 2nd.
  • Ohio Scores Touchdown with 2yd run at 6:32 left in 2nd.
  • Illinois kicks a field goal.

Jason Reda(13) with 12:15 left in 2nd.

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    Other Notes:

    Jason Reda(13) misses a 41yd field goal with 3:16 left in 3rd.