ON-AIR: Housing rush causes problems

By Meghan Bieda

It’s that time of year again to sign that apartment lease for next year. Students no sooner get used to their current living situation and they have to begin deciding on their living situation for the upcoming school year.

Director of leasing for Bankier Apartments Bobbi Winterbottom says that in the seven years she has been leasing apartments she has seen this time come earlier every year.

“There have been so many new apartment complexes built and everyone’s trying to get a jump on the leasing. Everyone’s trying to get ahead of the game.”

This can pose many problems for students.

“They find out that six months into the school year that they’re not compatible anymore and they’ve signed a lease for next year. Or one of the students is not able to come back to school next year, financial difficulties, all kind of different scenarios that could happen,” Winterbottom said.

Winterbottom says it’s not too late to sign yor lease if you haven’t done so yet. Some of the most popular buildings still have units available.